Barbican Flames

VI Extention Oniru Victoria Island
Lagos , Nigeria

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Barbican Flames

Opening Time: 10 AM (General)

Closing Time: 09 PM (General)

Business Summery: Restaurant

The Barbican Flames is an indigenous food outfit/restaurant providing tasty, mouth watering, savory and soulful traditional Nigerian delicacies and chop-chop craved by individuals on a daily basis but cannot be prepared and enjoyed at will for various and obvious reasons and especially with all the issues and challenges that people in Nigeria have to deal with in these present times.

We welcome you to our world where original Naija delicacies can be relished daily and on the go wherever you want it and whenever you feel like it, whether you want to stop for a bite at our restaurant or you want it delivered to your door step. We desire to take the stress away from you so that you can create that true enjoyment and relaxation…ummmm…Naija sweet ooo…

We look forward to making your tummy happy and putting a big smile on your face and constantly keeping you in touch with your Naija side.
Mission Statement

To provide the best traditional Nigerian delicacies craved by the Nigerian at heart

Our Vision

To be the preferred and reverberating name and leaders where traditional Nigerian delicacies can be savored in the heart of the urban and cosmopolitan city

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