Manifold Chocolate Fountains

Aguda, Surulere, Lagos Lagos
Lagos , Nigeria

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Manifold Chocolate Fountains

Opening Time: Morning 8AM (General)

Closing Time: Night 7PM (General)

Delivery Time: Minimum 48 hours to the event

Bring class and great taste to your events with our luxurious chocolate fountains, this is an ideal party piece which would make your event very Memorable and keep your guest in high spirit!

The chocolate fountain replaces or compliments the "Regular" small chops commonly seen at every event thereby gracing your event and making it one to remember. The smooth cascading of the chocolate fountain is truly entertaining and sure to keep the fun and conversations flowing.....for as long as the chocolate does.

It is an ideal and classy centre piece for every occasion or celebration, watch the delicious curtains of chocolates flow as your guests enjoy dipping different foods such as fruits,sweets,biscuits and pastries in the fountain sending them to chocolate heaven.

Manifold chocolate fountains take pride in offering you our top-of-the-class premium Luxurious Belgian White,Milk or dark chocolates at unbelievably competitive prices,unlike most chocolate fountain service provider we are happy to take your orders from as little as 40 guests, so whether its a Large event or just having a few friends over, Manifold chocolate fountain will be happy to add class to your event.

Fruits such as apples and strawberries are the most common items to accompany chocolate fountains, but there are many other options to use as well.

This is calculated per head at N600 each for the children's chocolates package which consists of  Marshmallows, waffle sticks, wafer,lolly pops and variety biscuits, whilst the adult package is N750 which consists of a choice of any 8 out of the following dippings from this list ( Apples,strawberries,grapes,wafers,wafer sticks,Marshmallows,pineapples mini cupcakes,mini donuts and paw paw) 

We also offer our delectable Caramel fountains at N300 per head with any 6 dippings of your choice from any of the following: Apples,strawberries,grapes,wafers,wafer sticks,Marshmallows,pineapples mini cupcakes,mini donuts and paw paw.

Manifold Chocolate Fountains............LUXURY MADE AFFORDABLE!!!

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