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During pregnancy, pregnant women’s cravings and urge to eat at will and just swallow everything in sight is overwhelming.

Most times, pregnant women eat more but not rightly. Taking meals at the right time and in right proportions can help both the baby and mother stay healthy all through the period of pregnancy.

These are a collection of foods that are best consumed during pregnancy because of it nutritional values. It is an amazing guide into building a healthy food time table for pregnant women.



A bowl of oatmeal makes a healthy addition to any diet, but oatmeal is especially beneficial to pregnant women. Oatmeal is a top source of folic acid and iron, which are both crucial nutrients in the prenatal period.

Complex carbohydrates like oatmeal keep you satisfied longer, and the oat bran it contains can help lower your cholesterol levels. You can add oats to pancakes, cakes, etc.





Green vegetables are highly recommended for pregnancy because they have high levels of iron,  and good calcium sources. Increase the nutrient value of your food by consuming foods with more vegetables.

You can also add them into soups and pasta dishes or noodles.




Sweet potatoes are very rich in vitamin A which is essential for growth, as well as for the differentiation of most cells and tissues. It is very important for the development of the fetus.

Furthermore, sweet potatoes contain fiber, which may increase fullness, reduce blood sugar spikes and improve digestive health and mobility.




During pregnancy, it is important to stay properly hydrated. The fetus usually gets everything it needs, but if you don’t watch your water intake, you may become dehydrated, because, of course, you are drinking for two.

Also, increasing water intake may help relieve constipation and reduce the risk of urinary tract infections, which are common during pregnancy. Just keep in mind that you also get water from other foods and beverages, such as fruit, vegetables, coffee and tea.




Bananas are rich in potassium and offer quick energy to fight off pregnancy fatigue. They also help reduce those nauseous feelings that come with pregnancy. Slice them up into a fruit salad or make them into a glass of smoothie with yogurt, berries, ice, and a splash of orange juice.



With a slice of each of these nutritional foods in your meal, your pregnancy will be healthy and stress free.

Eat Healthy!


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