It’s true what they say about beards- “A man without beards is a woman”. A man without beards is utterly naked, vulnerable and exposed. If you are a guy without beards you will understand the struggle the inability to grow beards can bring, especially if your friends are obsessing about the #beardgang. Well for some guys, thick, luxurious beards or a stylish mustache is just a dream, an illusion, as they can only manage to grow a few thin patches.


The inability to grow facial hair can either be genetic or the lack of proper skin care practice, which can result from an utter abandonment of your skin over time, ignoring it’s need to be tended to, which can affect the skin so bad that it becomes numb and unable to grow hair. There are a variety of ways by which beard growth can be restored and with these steps, your beards are a step away from it’s full glory.


If every time we gave up on things because they didn’t go the way we planned, we wouldn’t have achieved anything at all. The first step to actually growing a beard is to be PATIENT. You do not expect the kind of beards you desire to spring up in just a week-utterly impossible. For some people, the inability to grow beards is not the lack of hairs in itself, it is the lack of time. Beards take up to a month or even more to start forming, you need to be patient for it to begin to spring forth.

As your beards begin to grow, you will have to let it be without tucking and pulling at it every second you get. Learn to comb them in the direction that you might want them to grow, cause this eventually gives them the shape they will eventually be formed in. If you feel it is becoming too unkempt, then you should visit a professional barber who would trim them without necessarily tampering with it’s growth.

You must understand that growing your beard is a project that you have to fully commit to, which means that apart from having to be patient during the growth process, you have to nurture it to growth. If the beards haven’t began to spring up within the stipulated budgeted time, you will have to apply other beard growing agents to aid speedy growth. The best agents for this are always natural fruits and oil, you are definitely what you eat.






The thing about Oranges is that the fructose that it contains has been shown to lower the amounts of sex hormones in a man’s body which in turn heightens other hormones- also the hormones that produces beards. When you drink orange juice the naturally occurring fructose in oranges will lower SHBG release from the liver, and thus leave more free-testosterone and free-DHT into the bloodstream to attach to hair follicles and make them grow thicker and stronger.

Not only is Orange Juice beneficial for male hormones, it also increases thyroid activity, which can speed up beard, nail, and hair growth. Not to mention the naturally occurring vitamin C that is necessary micro nutrient for facial hair growth.





These nuts contain biotin (also known as vitamin B7 or “vitamin H”) which is known to contribute to healthy hair growth. Biotin stimulates production of keratin, a fibrous protein that forms hair as well as nails. Almonds also contain high levels of vitamin E, almost as much as sunflower seeds.






Almost any kind of fish will help promote healthy, fast hair growth. However, a few varieties like salmon and trout are especially good for hair growth due to their high omega-3 fatty acid levels and protein content. Salmon contains desirable amounts of vitamin D, another nutrient beneficial for a healthy beard. If you’re watching your fat intake, trout may be a better choice for you because it contains less fat overall than salmon.





When growing a beard your body thrives on proteins.  In fact hair follicles are among the fastest growing cells in our body. So what types of proteins will work best when growing out this killer beard of yours?

You are going to want to double down on the following foods:

  • Beef
  • Peanut Butter
  • Dairy
  • Fish
  • Chicken
  • Beans/Legumes
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