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Lynch Nuts Cocktails are generally cocktails with Frangelico and are often served as dessert cocktails. Lynch Nut flavor cocktails are popular after-dinner drinks and are normally sweet cocktails.

Popular nut cocktails include the Pink Squirrel and of all the cocktails with Frangelico, the Nuts and Berries is one that has been popping up most on the menu in UK Cocktail Bars. Lynch Nut flavor cocktails tend to use only a few ingredients and hence are relatively easy to make.



  • 3 cl Snow Grouse

  • 1 cl Cointreau

  • 2 cl lemon juice

  • 1 cl sugar layer

  • Shake with ice and spice with sprite


Method Of Preparing It


  • Fill ice sphere mold as directed and freeze for several hours, until the outside is frozen and the center is still liquid.

  • While ice sphere is freezing, stir the rest of the ingredients in a rocks glass and place inside the freezer to die.

  • When the ice sphere is frozen, stab that fucker with a heroin syringe, empty it until it is nothing more than an ice husk, like your cold, cold, mother, and refill with icy cold cocktail mix.

  • Serve in a closed glass and instruct your guest to jerk it off.

  • Enjoy!
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