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I was going through some stories on a blog I like to read when I am less busy and want to be entertained some days back, and a story of a guy popped up. He vented and ranted about his ordeal with a so called beautiful slay queen who appeared extremely irresistible. Fast forward to when they eventually got down, it appeared the “Amazingly Slaying Looking Queen” lost her crown to a “Smelling”, may be I am rather too subtle with my choice of word, In his words, “Stinking Vagina”.


Yes I said it, “A Stinking Vagina”, was what she lost her glory to. Rome fell flat with no ruins to rebuild on. A lot of women walk around looking beautiful, but their pubic areas are a No No (Can of Worms) especially their Vaginas. As ladies we have a responsibilities to our bodies, and it’s to make sure it’s as healthy as it can be. So If you do not have plans to spend the rest of your life parenting a group of cats or dogs, with no kids or husband at 50, this post is for you.

At an early age, I learnt to differentiate the parts of my body that needed waxing, shaving or scrubbing, perfumes, deodorants and all, but the vagina don’t get to be sprayed with all of those scented perfumes. So how do we keep it smelling clean and tasting sweet enough to be munched *wink*.

There are a variety of fruits that when consumed can give your Vagina that scenting and sweet taste that would leave you feeling like strawberry every time you are munched. It’s Okay to be feel shy talking about this things, but trust me, I will walk this walk with you. Shall We?


  1. WATER




They say a glass of water a day keeps diseases away. You cannot underestimate the power of water, it’s ability to rid your system of anything is second to none. For a well scented and clean Vagina, drink a lot of water daily. Of course, don’t hesitate to use it on your vagina.




vaginaCompared to those who eat a lot of meat and fish, vegetarians have better tendencies of a scented and sweet Vagina, because consuming meat tends to make your Vagina smell funny, unlike veggies which are more hydrating which can help your body flush excesses.





This shouldn’t even be explained, we all know how sweet and mature the taste of honey is. So you might want to consider replacing sugar with honey.





Apart from the fact that pineapples are highly hydrating and amazing for flushing your system of unwanted odour and germs, pineapple are sweet and smell good. We all know how we smell down there largely depends on the foods we take in.




Strawberries, Blackberries, Raspberries, Cranberries, consume all the berries you can find. They taste and smell as good as they look, and can help improve the smell and the taste of the lady down there.

All these fruits work wonders when you do almost all the activities on this to-do list regularly;

  • Shave or Wax your Vaginal areas as frequently as possible. (Pubic hairs breed germs that causes Vaginal Smell).
  • Wash your Vagina with only water, but if you can’t avoid soap, then read the third line.
  • Avoid Using Scented, antiseptic, disinfectant soap or body wash on your Vagina (They tend to mess with the good bacteria in your vagina which is responsible for keeping your vagina smelling fresh).
  • Avoid taking a lot of Sugar and foods that smell or contain gas. (Garlic, Asparagus, Beans, Eggs, dairy products )
  • Wear loose Under wears to allow your Vagina breath. Consider wearing no undies at all when you are at home.
  • Learn to “Douche” once in a while, using your fingers and inserting them into your vagina, taking out all the vagina discharge and washing off with water.

Note that it is important that you don’t douche all the time, as you might be disturbing the natural balance within the vagina, which can actually upset the balance of natural microbes and cause infections, which we are trying to avoid in the first place. Douching is totally healthy for keeping your vagina clean as long as you don’t do it all the time.

With all of this information at your finger tips, am sure no girl has any form of excuse as to going about with a smelling Vee.

Learn to Eat right and Smell Right

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