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When we overeat or eat processed or fried foods, or anytime we are exposed to environmental pollutants or stress, the liver becomes overworked and overloaded. When the liver is taxed, it can’t process toxins and fat in an efficient way. There are many foods that can help cleanse the liver naturally by stimulating its natural ability to remove toxic waste from the body.


1. Garlic



It doesn’t take much of this purging agent bulb to rid your liver of toxins. The sulfur-containing compounds in garlic activate liver enzymes to flush out toxins. Garlic also contains allicin and selenium which act as barriers against toxic properties you might have consumed.

2. Lemons

lemon, liver

Lemons are packed with vitamin C, which allows the body to get rid of toxins. Lemon lowers l the amount of cholesterol in the liver, leaving it light. Start the morning off with a glass of water mixed with the juice of half a lemon. This will help your liver kick-start it’s detoxification process.


3. Olive Oil


Cold-pressed organic oils such as olive, hemp, and flax seed are great for the liver when used in moderation. They help the body by providing a lipid base that can absorb harmful toxins in the body. In this way, they take some of the burden off the liver. So you can start by applying olive oil to your next meal or fries.


4. Turmeric




Turmeric is best for detoxification, getting rid of excesses contained in the body. Its medicinal use dates way back and has been used as a dye, a food, and a part of religious ceremonies.  It has properties that helps the liver avoid inflammation and is useful for a variety of ailments, including those affecting the liver.


5. Green Leafy Vegetables



Last, but not least (and most common), are green leafy vegetables. These are versatile in the kitchen and in terms of their application in the body. They are chlorophyll containing and packed with enzymes, vitamins and nutrients, which ultimately means that green leafy vegetables benefit the body holistically. Green leafy vegetables have been shown to help regulate liver fatty acid composition. Get your fill from spinach, arugula, romaine, mustard greens, chicory, and kale.

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