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We all know that foods like chocolates and  oysters are supposed to be aphrodisiacs -foods that help you get in the mood. Let’s talk about foods that just ruins the moment as well as your ability to perform good under the sheets. These foods will most definitely not help get that mood going, and could possibly quite literally prevent you from getting it on. If you want to be lucky with that sexcapades, you should totally avoid these foods.



Beer not only alters the state of mind but also changes and plays prank on your libido. This is because it contains hormone-tampering phytoestrogen, which will make undesirable.




Alliums like garlic and onion are pungent veggies that have the ability to mess with your body’s odour. imagine wanting to share a kiss, and you are greeted with the smell and taste of garlic or onion. It is a total turn-off. Hence, make sure to steer clear of this if you are planning on spending a romantic night. This is one of the foods to avoid before sex.




You might wonder how a boost in your energy can be a bad thing for your performance. The truth is that while the sugar-caffeine duo may make you feel energized initially, it doesn’t last very long.
The sugar crash due to the high sugar content is inevitable and may occur halfway into your lovemaking. This means you may not even make it to the finish line





 As with hot dogs, the trans-fat in fries can negatively impact testosterone levels and circulation. Fries’ high salt content also can make it trickier for men with high blood pressure to stay erect. For healthy folks, the sodium can bring on the not-so-sexy sensation of bloating. If you’re craving potato, eat a baked one instead, it releases the feel-good chemical dopamine, improving your time between the sheets.



oats, sex


There’s no doubt that this morning munch has a slew of health benefits. In fact, oatmeal helps your body produce the stress-reducer known as serotonin, a moderate amount of which is good for your sex drive. But bowl after bowl in a single sitting has the opposite effect, lowering sexual desire. Plus, oatmeal’s high fiber content also can lead to that unpleasant, gassy feeling. Again, serving up eggs should up your chances for morning fun
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