That “omg” moment that a particular vegetable or food plant you’ve always ignored, underrated or taken for granted is actually one of those few “wonder foods (because they’ve got multi nutrients packed in them). As is the case with the “OKRA PLANT”.

I hear a lot of people say “i don’t like okra”,”it’s slimy”, aww etc. So, i thought it humane to do a little expository on it (okra).

The OKRA plant is botanically called ABELMOSCHUS ESCULENTUS. Although it has been linked to South Asia, Ethiopia and West Africa, one cannot be precise as to its origin.

Amongst other nutritional values, it has a high fibre content (which aids digestion), Vitamin C, Folate, Antioxidants, calcium, potassium etc.

According to scientists, the vegetable also called “ladies fingers” is healthy for the body. Some notable health benefits include:

1) Prevention of diseases like colon cancer, Diabetes (as a result of its Eugenol content), constipation, Anaemia,

2) It helps in weight loss

3) Improves heart health, hair problems, immunity, eyesight

And it promotes healthy pregnancy…

There are lots of ways to have a healthy consumption of this veggie…

It can be prepared as a soup (Okra soup) and eaten with eba, it can be boiled together with yam or plantain 🙂 and eaten with palm oil, and it can also be boiled, eaten with tomato stew and eba. Some people choose to eat it raw, it can be fried or pickled, and it can be used in preparation of okra pepper soup…

On this note, in beg to stop for today….stay hooked to me for details of how to prepare these dishes………Remember, health is priceless, stay healthy, eat lots of veggies.

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