Essential Nutrients For Women.

The human body is a complex mechanism. To keep us alive, each day, our body has to produce red blood cells, transport oxygen and blood to various organs within it, transmit signals from the brain to different parts, produce ‘soldiers’ to ward off invaders, etc. In fact, our body is busier than any factory you can think of.

This effort in sustaining our lives takes a toll on the body, often causing it to break down. For it to continue doing it job, we have to replenish lost raw materials. Overall, we need about 30 essential vitamins and minerals to keep the body functional. These nutrients can be produced by the body, though not in adequate quantity. Thus, it behoves us to supply the difference.

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The female body system is quite peculiar. A s women, our bodies work even harder if we are to enjoy life. The female body experiences wear and tear faster than the male because we go through events like menstruation, pregnancy and childbirth, and menopause. These activities take a toll on the female body causing it to age faster. Again, the bone density of women is thinner than their male counterpart. So a woman is more likely to experience bone problems than a man (women start losing bone density from early 20s).

To cope with ‘stress’ of being a woman, we need to help our body replenish nutrients lost every day. These essential nutrients not only sustain our lives, but help us enjoy total well being. We redeposit these nutrients in our body through a healthy diet. These are the essential nutrients every woman needs:


Why You Need It:

  • to prevent lose of bone density which can lead to fragile bones in later life.
  • for healthy muscles, and blood circulation.
  • For healthy teeth and nervous system.

Great Sources – dark leafy greens, dairy, soybeans, etc.

Vitamin B.

Why You Need It.

  • contains folate (folic acid) which helps against birth defects.
  • keeps red blood cell healthy which prevents cancer.
  • aids metabolism.
  • maintains muscle tone and a sharp mind.

Great Sources – poultry, legumes, leafy greens, strawberries, etc.

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Vitamin D.

Why You Need It.

  • to help release calcium and phosphorus into the blood stream.
  • to build muscles and bones.
  • to boost immunity.
  • reduces risk of breast cancer and diabetes.

Great Sources – mushrooms, tuna, egg, etc.


Why You Need It.

  • to help the body produce red blood cells.
  • to prevent against anemia.

to replenish blood lost during heavy menstruation and child birth.

Great Sources – beef, poultry, legumes, et.

Other essential nutrients are:

  • Vitamin C – antioxidant.
  • Vitamin A – boosts immunity.
  • Magnesium – healthy blood and sugar levels.

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