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The thought of having to sleep and wake up stunning is every girl’s dream. You remember that line in Beyonce’s song, “I woke up like this, Flawless”, that can only happen when you multitask by getting enough rest and at the same time treating your skin to all the natural goodness it can get.

Today’s natural tip idea works best overnight, so you can wake up entitled to singing that Beyonce’s line, feeling indeed flawless. Here are a few tips to help achieve your dreams with ease;

  1. Eyebrow/ Eyelash Growth



These are the only part of the face that just makes that make up look lit. Get this part right and your face pops.  Moisturize and condition your eyebrows and eyelashes to make them grow longer and stronger by using Castor Oil. Apply castor oil to your eyelashes and eyebrows at night to help them grow longer and thicker. Dab the oil along your top lash line. Do this over time and watch your brows and lashes grow fuller and thicker.


2. Soft Hands




To get softer hands like that of babes, start by exfoliating the hands using a homemade scrub mixing olive oil and brown sugar. Massage in a small amount of hand cream shea butter and slip them into some soft gloves to wake up to softer, smoother and younger looking hands.


3. Moisturized Lips


Exposing our lips to the harsh chemicals contained in those cremes we apply trying to moisturize them, only ends up bruising them. Why don’t you choose to wake up to soft and pink lips by exfoliating your lips using a clean toothbrush then use a thin layer of sweet almond oil or honey over the lips before going to bed. This will give you that soft pink lips you have always craved for.

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