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Inspired by traditional Italian granita recipes, this mocktail mango recipe has an icy smooth texture and a vibrant mango flavor, complemented by a slight hint of cherry from the grenadine. It’s a crowd-pleasing drink and super easy to prepare.

At least six hours before you need the drinks to be ready, freeze mango juice in ice cubes. You’re going to need about 6 ice cubes for each drink, or 1/2 cup of juice.

If you can’t find mango juice, puree mangos and mix 1 cup of pureed mangoes with 1/2 cup apple or grape juice, before adding them to the ice cube trays.

After the mango cubes have frozen and when you’re ready to serve, grate the mango ice cubes in a blender on the lowest setting. This ensures that the ice crystals are big enough to avoid melting for a few minutes, allowing your guests to enjoy the slushy-like texture.






  • 2 cups mango juice

  • 4 teaspoons grenadine or cherry juice

  • Maraschino cherries, garnish

  • Mango cubes, garnish



  • Freeze the mango juice into ice cubes until right before you need your drinks.

  • Grate the mango juice cubes in a blender, along with the grenadine.

  • Top with a cocktail skewer with a maraschino cherry and mango cube and serve immediately.

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