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tongue teasers

Today on tongue teasers, we are going to be sharing amazing ways by which we can make food more attractive for the consumption of our kids. It is an open secret that there are a lot of kids who find eating a hectic job, and so they avoid it at all cost, even to the point of vomiting. As a mother, this can be heart wrenching, because we understand the importance of food and the role it plays in the physical and mental development of our children.

So when this happens, what do we do? What solutions do we seek out to tackle this problem. As a mother, do you just switch to drugs to do the work for you- boost your child’s appetite, or do you seek out other more natural remedies. Here are some ideas to make eating more fun, and to tease your children’s tongue into eating as much as you want.

  1. Let them Count


tongue teasers

You can make or design their food in such a way that they find it fun while eating. Make chin chin or a pie, and have them count them as they eat. Sit back and watch how much they will love eating time.









2. Play with your Designs


tongue teasers

Try making their eating time fun by playing with your designs. Design their plates of rice or pie into sponge bob or any cartoon character they might love. This always works wonders, because whether you believe it or not, they would rather take foods from those characters than you.










3. Reward Them

Have them know that they will be rewarded with something they love every time they finish up their veggies or drink up their herbs. This method also works wonders.

tongue teasers

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