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Nigerians love food, we can’t even deny it. Even though it’s tough to eat all you crave for right now, because it isn’t healthy, we still look forward to the next meal even while eating one. ¬†Food is necessary for survival, so why not learn a few crazy facts about what we’re eating!

  1. Tomatoes


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Tomatoes however you make them are just simply amazing for the body. While most people likes it cooked, the minority of the world’s population of manage to enjoy it raw, because that’s when you get the full beneficial package. So get a bulb of tomato, and eat your way to stronger bones.

2. it’s A Crime to Peel Your Apple


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For those of you who likes to feel like they are too clean.Parboiling indomie and scrapping off the back of carrots before eating. It is an absolute crime against the apple ancestral dynasty as well as humanity to scrap off the back of apple before eating them. The back of apples contains 2 out of 3 of all the nutrients contained in apples, so when you do so, all you would have is chaff.

If you didn’t know, now you do. Now go and sin no more.


3. About Eggs


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It’s somewhat confusing which part of eggs are most nutritious, the whites or the yokes. Whatever your take, the yoke will definitely still have more fans. This is to clear the air about this long-lasting controversy that have been up for debate since before the creations of eggs itself. There it is, as presumed by the yoke fans, the yoke definitely do have more nutrients than the white, not neglecting the fact that the white is richer is protein.

The bottom line will remain than when next you choose to eat egg, it is advisable to have every part of it, except for cases where you have to take out some parts, cases like baking.

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