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As much as well love and claim to know a thing or two about the foods that we love, we realize every time that we don’t know as much as we claim we do. So while munching on that snack you love and sipping whatever it is you love to send it down your throat with, it is important to learn a few daily food facts. Here they are;


  1. Strawberries

Including strawberries as your daily fruit dessert has enormous benefits, but I doubt you knew that this tasty fruit is about the only fruit with it’s seeds on the outside. Unique as it is tasty.

strawberries, daily


2. Salmon

If you are looking to grow your hair a little bit faster but natural, you should consider salmons. Although the thought of having that fishy smell all over you is hideous, it has a very fast effect on your hair, which totally makes the fishy smell worth the while. So you should settle for hair products that have salmon extracts in them, or just extract the oil yourself.


salmon, daily


3. Papaya

For those suffering from stubborn acne, eczema and other skin diseases that is defiling all forms of treatments. Papaya with a lot of patience is all you need to combat any form of skin diseases. Apply papaya to your skin daily and watch it glow.

papaya, daily

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