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There are a lot of questions that troll our minds that we need answers to, especially when it comes to the well-being of our bodies, we always want to be one step ahead of any kind of ailment by taking pills and working out. Eating healthy would afford us a more healthier life and reduce the chances of getting attacked by this ailments. Today, we are going to treat questions that centers on foods that can help remedy some ailments as well as avoid it, we hope that you would find the answers helpful.

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                                                                         What Food is Best for Those Undergoing Chemotherapy

If you have ever had a loved one go through chemotherapy before, you will understand the need and urgency to eat right. Chemotherapy comes with a lot of side effects ranging from nausea to diarrhea, to cracked lips and falling hair. You will agree with me that they need as much nutritional energy they can get alongside physical support. Below are a list of foods best and recommended for people undergoing chemotherapy.

  • Carrots

carrots, answers





  • Low fat milk for dry mouth

milk, answers





  • Rice and Bananas for Diarrhea
RICE, answers







  • Ginger garnished meals for nausea

ginger, answers





  • Custard for mouth Sores

custard, answers





  • Onions to boost your immune system.
onions, answers







  • Eggs for energy and muscles

eggs, answers

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