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Breadfruit porridge (Ukwa) is a popular Nigerian dish which originates from the eastern part of Nigeria. It is prepared with the seeds of the Breadfruit. It is a meal which is highly sort after due to its rich taste and flavor. It can be prepared in many ways, either jollof or roasted with coconut, anyhow you make it, it’s always a delight. It can even be cooked plain without salt and would still hit the pass mark.
Ingredients for Ukwa
• 620g Breadfruit seeds (Ukwa)
• ¾ tsp. potash
• 100g Dry prawns/ Dry fish/ Stock fish (okporoko)
• 1 Bulb Onion, diced – optional
• 3 big red pepper, diced
• 1½ spoon Palm oil
• 3 tbsp. Grounded Crayfish
• 2 Knorr cubes
• ½ tsp. Salt to taste
• 2 cups maize (Boiled), or sweet corn – optional
Method of Preparation
1.  Pick the breadfruit seeds (Ukwa) to remove the chaff.
2. Pound the potash to a fine powder. Pour the powder into ½ cup of water and stir thoroughly to dissolve – set aside. Potash is used in the preparation of this meal to reduce the cooking time short, this is because, breadfruit (Ukwa) takes a very long time to soften. Adding the potash isn’t necessary, especially if you don’t like the taste or it makes you purge, you can just boil till the Ukwa is soft.
3. Wash severally to remove dirt and sand and place in a medium sized pot. Add just enough water to cover the content of the pot and leave to boil for 30mins.
4. Stir the potash one more time and add to the Ukwa, making sure not to pour the residue alongside the water. Add some more water just enough to cover the ukwa in the pot if needed and leave to boil for another 10 mins. At this stage, Add the Chopped Onion, pepper, Dried prawns (With the head removed), dry fish or stock fish, whichever one your heart desires. Add salt to taste and seasoning cubes – Leave to boil for 10mins.
5. Put in your sweet corn or maize and serve.

Photo Credit: Dooney’s Signature

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