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  • A cluster of banana was formerly called a “hand” and just one was called a “finger”

daily food fact

I guess it is safe then to walk into a market and ask to buy a hand of banana, but not a Nigerian market, LOL, you might get lynched.







  • Consuming Dairy may cause Acne

daily food fact

Dairy foods are foods gotten from animals. Popularly consumed dairies are milk and egg. They excess consumption of these foods are believed to cause Acne, so beware.








  • Eating bananas can help fight depression


daily food facts


Yeah, just in case you are linked to anyone who have attempted jumping off a bridge recently, you should consider adding a lot of bananas to their diet, you might be saving a soul.













  • Honey is made form nectar and bee vomit


daily food fact

Imagine having to consume another’s vomit, but this particular vomit is highly nutritious and a high quality natural sweetener. May I add, it has no expiry date.









  • One of the most hydrating foods to eat is the cucumber,¬†which is 96% water.

If you ever got stuck in traffic or in the middle of the Sahara dessert, you should consider holding fast onto a cucumber, it help hydrates the body, since it contains a high amount of water needed to keep the nobody hydrated.

daily food facts

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