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The eyes are believed to be the glory of the head, for it is the path way for which light and hope can have it’s being. So when the eyes begin to malfunction are perform below it’s capacity, life becomes dark and unbearable for it’s bearer. When it comes to our eyes, we often careless for how many what we eat affect it’s ability to function to it’s full capacity until it begins to malfunction.


Bad eye sight are often associated with ageing or genetic problems, where the carrier inherits a bad eyesight from his ancestor. What we fail to understand is, what we eat play a vital role in deciding how long and how well our eyes function. There are certain foods we consume daily that damages our eye sight without our knowledge. Since the eye is an organ that contains a lot of veins, it needs for steady blood flow through those veins and arteries for better communication with the brain. Some of the food we consume block this veins and arteries, thereby hindering proper communication between the eye and the brain, which leads to poor eyesight.

These are some of those foods.


1. Margarine and vegetable oils

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The margarine and vegetable oil produced this days are not natural; they are made using chemicals and undergoing different processing to manipulate them. In the end, they are very high in fats, which are very unstable and will easily store up as oxides in our bodies. Oxidized fats may cause mutations in cells, as well as inflammation. These mutations and inflammation may choke your arteries.








2. Fried foods

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It is a known fact that most vegetable oil are not healthy for the body, because of the high level of chemicals and preservatives they use to keep them till they get to the consumers. This fries are fried with this same vegetable oil, and contains a large number of it. Not only does the oil choke the arteries, but can also lead to higher blood pressure over time, which is also dangerous to the eyes. Instead of always frying these foods, it is recommended you boil or smoke or cook them. If you can’t just stay away from fries, get a deep fryer, this helps reduce the amount of oil used in frying to the barest minimum.





3. Commercially-Prepared Snacks

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I know it’s difficult to be in that hold-up and not crave gala, or plantain chips and the likes, but as we get older, it becomes extremely necessary we begin to cut down on these processed snacks, as they begin to have adverse effect on our eyesight without us knowing. These products are loaded with trans fats, which are created when food manufacturers process vegetable oil. Trans fats are notorious for creating  ‘bad’ cholesterol, which can lead to the blockage of the arteries. Trans fats also raise the levels of triglycerides in the blood, which contributes to fatty deposits in the arteries.






4. Packaged Drinks

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Why do I hear someone say “O that’s me”, it’s because that’s definitely you. The weather we have over here doesn’t favor the campaign against cold, packaged, sweetened drinks. It is always too hot, and people are always too hungry to wait and get home to eat something proper, but the thought of our eyesight should bring some sort of reminder to our subconscious any time we see a bottle of processed drink. Sweetened drinks get their sweet flavor from added sugar sources like high-fructose corn syrup. These added sugars have been scientifically proven to increase the risks for high blood pressure. All of this spells trouble for your cardiovascular system and your eyes.

For eye health, and overall health, avoid the processed foods and drinks, and stick to real food and fresh water and teas. To give your eyes an extra boost, seek out foods high in vitamin A ,such as sweet potatoes and spinach… and those carrots, too!


5. Sugar

sugar, eyesight

Okay, I know … I know. Sugar is technically NOT a food, but it is found in almost everything that is processed or packaged in our modern diet.

We’ve been hearing for years that sugar is bad for you, but did you know that it may be worse than smoking?. Avoid a lot of sugar, and you are on your way to a long lasting eyesight.

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