Foods to Avoid in Pregnancy.

Congratulations, you are pregnant! A gamut of feelings usually follow this announcement. While you may be ecstatic at the thought of bearing life, you are also skeptical of your ability to do the right thing to promote the health of your growing baby. So you become careful as to what you do because you know you are now responsible for another person.

One sure way your choices affect your unborn baby is with regard to what you choose to eat. Your baby gets nourishment from you. So your food choices just took on greater meaning. If you eat right, your baby develops well and is kept healthy. On the other hand, poor food choices inhibit your child’s development in the womb.

A healthy pregnancy diet is a must. It is the one way you ensure your child stays healthy within you. At this stage, you stop eating what you like, but eat what you must. To enjoy a healthy pregnancy, avoid eating the following:

Seafood High in Mercury.

Photo: awesometowntimes.com

Photo: awesometowntimes.com

Mercury can be found in high concentration in big fishes. Mercury poisoning affects the spine.So only eat small-sized fish. And make sure your fish is well cooked. This means no more sushi until after delivery.

Raw or Undercooked Food.

Always cook your food thoroughly before eating them. Especially meat, eggs and fish. This is done to get rid of harmful bacteria that might harm you and your baby.

Unpasteurized Dairy Products.

Processed Foods and Drinks.

Photo: chatelaine.com

Photo: chatelaine.com

These include turkey, ham, carbonated drinks etc

Unwashed Fruits and Veggies.

Since most fruits are cultivated under inorganic conditions, it is best you wash them thoroughly before eating. This is to get rid of any residual chemicals that could be harmful.

Avoid excess alcohol and caffeine (I recommend total abstinence until after delivery) and cut out herbal tea from your diet.

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