3 Worst Food Myths That Still Make Waves | FOODSTANTLY

1. Chocolate is an Aphrodisiac




The idea that chocolate is an aphrodisiac has been around since the 80s, and that’s probably why box upon box fly off the shelves on February 14th. Unfortunately, all those heart-shaped boxes don’t have as strong of an impact after all. Studies haven’t been able to prove a solid link between chocolates and sexual arousal and satisfaction, but that doesn’t mean the placebo effect isn’t still going strong.

Since people believe chocolate can help them amp up their sex drive, they can sometimes make it happen simply by thinking it will. There might not be any science, but hey — whatever works, right? Even though chocolate may not be able to get you in the mood, chocolate will definitely boost your workout.



2. Eating Carrots Keep Your Eyes Healthy





Everyone grows up thinking eating carrots help keep their eyes healthy, whether that’s improving your eyesight or just keeping your already-great vision strong. The funny thing is even though they’re super good for your body and contain eye-boosting vitamin A, eating fresh fruits, and dark leafy green veggies are even better, more beneficial choices when it comes to your eye health. Who knew?


3. Eating Fat Makes You Fat





Even though avocados, walnuts, olive oil, and other healthy fats are full of body-boosting benefits, there’s still this weird fear that eating fat is going to make you fat, even though it’s a total myth.

 So many women still fear eating fat, stemming from the low-fat craze that captivated the public in the ‘80s and ‘90s. But we got it wrong, When you increase your healthy fat intake and lower your intake of refined, white carbohydrates, you’ll stay satiated longer, stabilize your blood sugar, and teach your body to burn off extra body fat, rather than rely on quick bursts of carbs, sugar, and glucose for energy.

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