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Online Marketplace for Fresh Food Stuff, Fresh Farm Produce.Also offers Restaurant Discovery and Meal Ordering 

  • We Believe Shopping For Food Ingredients Should be Stylish and Convenienet

    Tired wasting time in Shopping For Food in Unhygenic Environment ? Let the Market come to you.......Order Direct from Farms 

  • Lunch does not need to be a stressful Experience.

    Traffic need not ruin your Meal  experience...Order Affordable Cooked Meal from the Finest Restaurant

  • Meals as Promising to your taste bud as they look

    Good Meals delivered to you in the comfort of your Office or Home

  • Buy Meals as Fresh as Nature

    The Best Restaurants delivering to you 

  • Fresh Food Stuffs is better,cheaper and tastier when bought direct from the Farms

    Thousands of Food stuffs in stock,fresher than what you get in the Market

  • Rhema Glory Enterprises a reputable Foodstuff Dealer in Lagos

    Sells food stuffs and Delivers to any location in Lagos

  • The Promise Restaurant now delivering in any part of Port Harcourt City

    One of the most widely spread Restaurant chain in Nigeria with a heavy presence in Port Harcourt delivering on the promise of quality and unbelievably tasty meals

  • Curry Rice Special from Clems Restaurant Port Harcourt

    The best meals are yet unseen untill you shop on Foodstantly.

  • Food Should not be a boring experience

    Discover food from thousands of Restaurants around you without the hassles of commuting to them.

  • Poultry and Poultry Product

    From Farmers and farms around the Country

  • Meals From Gourmet to Local

    Prepared and Provided by Restaurants and Caterers around you

  • Meat so Fresh

    Buy Fresh Food Online and it will be Delivered to you 

  • All types of Dishes

    Order from the From the best Restaurants and Eat Houses around you,and take Delivery whereever you are.

  • Assorted Cakes and Pastries

    Tastefully and well crafted Cakes delivered to your Doorpost

  • Seasons Pyramid

    Selling wide assortment of fresh meats and meat products

Cooked meal or farm fresh food item ordered in the comfort of your home or office and delivered to you....save time. 

In the Mood to Cook? Get  Fresh Food Ingredients and Produce From Farms and Verified Food Vendors Around You,Pay Securely Online and Get Delivery Within 2 Hours. 

Cant Stand the Traffic and Long wait? Order Meal from Verified Restaurants and Eateries,pay Securely Online and get Delivery To Your Office,Home or Wherever You choose.  

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